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Insulin Dose Calculator with AI/ML Predictive Coaching

For People with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes using Insulin

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Become a Diabetes Ninja

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Trusted by more than
18,000 People With Diabetes

More street cred and heart than your average pharmaceutical
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Diabetes Ruling You?

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Optimized Dose Advice, BG Predictions, Predictive Intervention Advice for stress-free diabetes management

“I'm already seeing the benefits of Jade - the prediction engine is powerful!”

Insulin Dose Calculation

Sophisticated Dose Calculation

Calculate doses. Track insulin on board (IOB) to avoid over-dosing. Real, actionable data - see how many carbs to eat when too low, and how long to delay eating when too high. Minimize damaging glucose variability.

Dose off protein, fat and fiber.

Integrate food apps for precise doses from 5,000,000 foods.

Personalize factors for low, medium and high impact exercise, stress, menstruation, sickness, pain and alcohol (Hey, we're Aussies!)

Blood sugar predictions

Power of Prediction

The first system EVER to predict blood sugar levels - hours ahead - even overnight.
Using Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML), predictions get better over time!

Real, actionable data, see the hidden highs between blood tests.

Alerts warn of predicted hypos, as well as meal times and basal doses.

No CGM required (but if you have Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre or NightScout, we integrate it).



Coach helps with suggestions to reduce bad doses, and advises which health care checks are missing. Coach even gives points for correct doses!

Coach keeps you on track - with check-ins twice a month, and links to just-in-time education.

You decide what reward points mean for you or your teenager.

Global leaderboards! - how did you go?

Diabetes Coaching

Sharing & Health Care Team

Share data live from the Jade App to your Health Care Team for Tele-Health.

Share from T1 kids at school to Mum or Dad at home or work. Discreetly monitor T1D teenagers out partying.

Unlimited devices.

Share Diabetes Status Info

Reminders & Alerts

All the reminders and alerts you need to stay safe and on track.

Reminders for basal doses.

Reminders for meal times and blood tests.

Alerts after delayed eting suggestions.

Alerts at times of predicted hypos and hypers.

Hypo follow-up alerts after being low.

Integrate diabetes data

Plug-in LIVE Data...for the FIRST time

Plug-in live data from Dexcom, FreeStyle Libre & NightScout (optional).

Plug-in live data from connected glucometers (via HealthKit on iPhone).

Plug-in food apps for precise doses from 5,000,000 foods - MyFitnessPal, CalorieKing, FatSecret.

Plug-in live data from fitness devices, health trackers, wearables and online health aggregators to refine predictions.

Import data from over 60 diabetic devices, legacy diabetes management systems and our Open API.

Insulin Dose Calculation

Stress-free Diabetes Management and Better Quality of Life for Patients AND Carers

Giving Confidence to People with T1, T1.5, T2, Gestational and LADA Diabetes

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Jade Insulin Dose Calculator