What do you use to treat a low blood sugar (less than 4 mmol/l, 72 mg/dl) ?

Whatever you choose, it should be

  • made of fast-acting sugar, ie not a complex carbohydrate like a piece of bread, cereal or grains
  • on the packaging, ensure it is 90% or more 'carbohydate'. Simon and Lucy both use jelly beans from Nature's Confectionary Company - each jelly bean is about 3g of carbohydrate (they are quite small, normal jelly beans are approx 3x bigger). These jelly beans are also gluten free
  • easy to carry round, and not get stuck to the wrapper (this happens with barley sugars)
  • easy to find in a shop if you don't have any on you

Good Low GI Foods

  • Jelly beans (also good for coeliacs like Lucy, as GF varieties are available)
  • Jelly babies
  • Some people use glucose tablets, but to my mind they are an unnecessarily high-cost alternative

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