Winner SIA "Best Application" award

TextPipe® Pro 11.9.1 has arrived!

TextPipe is a leading text extraction, conversion and data wrangling tool - an affordable alternative to Altair Monarch and Matillion

Industrial strength text conversion, ETL, cleansing/scrubbing, re-purposing, transformation and extraction workbench, for Mainframe, data historian to Azure IoT Hub, EBCDIC to ASCII conversion of industry data sets such as Texas Railroad Commission Oil and Gas Masters and FISERV data. SSIS, PDF, Word/Excel, HTML-XML, JSON, and delimited data.

TextPipe will save you time and frustration in wrangling data, regardless of the number of changes required, the size or number of files, and the complexity of the transformations.

TextPipe now includes new connectors to stream historian (industrial sensor) data to IoT solutions for Big Data time-series analytics.

"The ultimate text conversion and manipulation tool" - PCMAG

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Find and Replace, Fix Links, Translate, and more across Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents

Update quality manuals, migrate document links to new servers, translate files. When your corporation changes phone numbers, addresses or web sites, or migrates data to a new server, fix all affected documents in one hit. Import search/replace lists from Excel, use Unicode and more. Check out our great value bundles!

WordPipeTM - for Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Documents
ExcelPipeTM - for Microsoft Excel  or OpenOffice Spreadsheets
PowerPointPipeTM - for Microsoft PowerPoint  or OpenOffice Presentations



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