DAFNE = Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating

DAFNE is a program designed for people with type 1 diabetes. DAFNE provides participants with the skills to calculate how much insulin they need for the carbohydrate-containing food they want to eat, and to manage their diabetes more effectively on a day-to-day basis.

DAFNE is based on:

  • injecting quick acting insulin each time carbohydrate-containing food is eaten
  • 1 or 2 injections of long acting (background) insulin each day
  • testing blood glucose levels before each meal and before bed

The DAFNE approach originated in Europe, and is known as OzDAFNE in Australia. DAFNE programs are now running in most states in Australia, and in Auckland, New Zealand. Please visit the DAFNE Centres page to find your nearest DAFNE location.

The PredictBGL system is the best possible accessory to the DAFNE regime

  • insulin correction and meal dose calculator
  • inbuilt food database
  • multiple carbohydrate ratios and insulin ratios can be set for different parts of the day

Get your free PredictBGL account now!

Contact your local diabetes organization for DAFNE courses.


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